Reduce Body Fat the Simple and Easy Way

Follow up your laser lipo with lipo cavitation at our spa in Boise, ID

Lipo cavitation is a pain-free, noninvasive fat removal procedure that we suggest as a follow-up procedure to the laser lipo treatment. At Silhouette Body Sculpting, we don't think surgery is necessary. We're excited to see a new and improved you after just 45 minutes.

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How does it work?

You can expect a lipo cavitation treatment, also known as external ultrasonic liposuction, to:

  • Be an entirely pain-free and noninvasive procedure
  • Use low-frequency ultrasound waves that burst fat cells
  • Force fat cells into the lymphatic system to be released via urine or stool
  • Result in a loss of several inches to the targeted area

Essentially, external ultrasonic liposuction is just another method of forcing stubborn fat tissue into energy and ultimately out of your body. This is why we suggest that you pair lipo cavitation with laser lipo treatments for the best results.