Want Cellulite Reduction? Try Vacuum Therapy.

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Countless people are self-conscious about lumpy or dimpled flesh on their thighs and buttocks, also known as cellulite. Cellulite forms because there isn't enough lymphatic drainage. At Silhouette Body Sculpting, we offer vacuum therapy for cellulite reduction so that you can feel beautiful again.

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Safe, painless and highly effective

Vacuum therapy has several amazing benefits for cellulite reduction. This state-of-the-art treatment will:

  • Stimulate your muscles
  • Break up cellulite and fat deposits
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Restore elasticity to your skin
  • Soften the appearance of cellulite

What are you waiting for? Summer comes around once each year. Be ready to show off your flawless, younger-looking legs by working with us to get your skin in the shape you want.